Red Hot Chili Peppers

Today, eating out is often a high-drama opportunity to immerse yourself in not only good food and conversation but in a vibe that makes the humdrum everyday world feel far, far away. It’s no wonder that restaurants have become outlets for some of the most creative interiors in the world. Designers have incorporated technology, art, and nature among other themes to create a world for diners to escape to.
There are many things that the designer need to have in mind in order to make his design gorgeous. Well, it actually all depends on the interior design style that is going to be used. It can be modern, more traditional, ultra contemporary, with eclectic touches, with rustic details, etc. This particular design however, is based on rustic theme. For the most part, rustic interior design is all about rugged sophistication and beauty. When it comes to rustic furniture, wooden pieces are often key in the overall design. So, we have used wooden stools in the bar counter and wooden dining tables at the dining area. we have used red, rough textured couches, in order to give the space a more laid back ambiance. rustic décor relies heavily upon the simple and pure beauty of the outdoors. so we left the exposed ceiling and walls unpainted and decorated them instead with innovative lights, old posters and paintings. We have designed a live kitchen which has wooden panelling on the top. The constant movement inside it adds liveliness and a unique rhythm to the place.The hanging bulbs, the bar counter of onyx marble or the spotlight hanging from the ceiling creates a gloomy illuminating effect which makes you enjoy the country music playing on the speakers even more.

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