Alliance Broadband office

The investigation of the relationship between space, matter and light is a major principle of the new concept of an office. In this project the outcome is a flexible office that emphasises open workspaces, but intersperses them with more secluded areas.
How the structure and space of an office are configured can have a profound impact on the way employees go about their day-to-day activities. Things that may cause a difference in the working environment are colour choices, layout, lighting elements and connectivity between employees. Scientific and physiological researches have proved that colours such as yellow, light blue, orange and green increases positivity and makes a better working environment and in this design we have used those colours frequently. In the entrance the wallpaper behind the sitting and the texture of the world map are custom made and the area can be considered as one of the highlights of this design. The dark coloured couches are very congenial and creates an interesting combination. In spite of having a unique style the table in front of the couch is intelligible in the space. The periphery of the false ceiling has geometric shapes that do not follow any pattern. Certainly, the background of the reception area and the reception table also exhibits akin formation which gives the area a corporate look and lighting define those cuts. The glass partition with a veneer framing beside the reception table present it a chic look as well as distinct it from the waiting area without creating blindness. The greenery adds contrast and brings freshness in the workspace.

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